Five Tips to Successfully Plan an Event


If you are looking to plan an event soon, then you might be getting worried about how you are going to pull it all off. However, you need not worry. Even if you aren’t a full-time event planner, you’ll be able to pull off any event with just a few hacks under your belt.

Use Event Management Software

Just because you don’t manage events daily doesn’t mean you can’t use event planning software. For example, Veebo’s online management tool. We offer vendor management from finding vendor information to messaging them and even booking. Also, you can use our software to plan the guest list and ensure that everyone knows what they need to for the big event.

Keep it Simple

While certain events need more “flair” than others, every event should be as simple as it can be. For example, drawing back from 500 guests to 100 will not only produce cost savings, but it will also make supplier management, and seating plans easier than before. Think about how you can cut back on your guest list, events, and vendor needs. Remember, the less stressed you are, the better the event will go overall. 

Hire Professionals

When you can hire professionals. These team members will make the whole order less complicated. For example, a professional photographer might give you advice on how to create a floor plan or layout the social tables. 

On the other hand, the food vendor or DJ might come with a vendor management process that handles all the rest of the vendors without your help. At the very least, these vendors will be able to do their jobs with ease and professionalism. 

Go To Other Events

The best way to learn how to do something is to watch others do it. While you might not be able to get yourself invited to another wedding, you can attend higher-end events in similar locations. This should help you get an understanding of how each piece falls together. 

If something goes wrong at the event, take note of how the staff handles the situation. Though you can’t see everything on the backend, watching and attending an event can help your brain come up with ideas. 


The best tip that we can give someone planning an event doesn’t have anything to do with vendor management systems, supply chains, or event websites. It’s to relax. You’re not a professional, and that means you’ll make your share of mistakes. However, in the long-term, people will be happy, and you will have fun. You might not have the perfect floor plan or seating chart. However, you’ll have people to talk with and memories to make. 

Veebo is an event planning app on the web that allows you to plan everything from weddings and birthdays to trade shows and galas. We offer support for the guest list, vendor management, and more. In addition, our upcoming updates have hundreds of features in the works. Get started by adding yourself as a vendor or planning an event today! 


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