Over the next few months, we wanted to dive back into the basics of event management. As a platform that prides itself on being friendly to the moms, dads, and friends who manage events, we know that the basics are often a mystery.

Starting this series, we wanted to go over something we get the most questions about, emails. How do you send them, when do you send them, and what information should be on them? Starting with the basics, why email?

Why Email?

In the 1980s, 1990s, and maybe even early 2000s, to invite someone to something, you sent them a letter in the mail. To accept your invitation, they sent you back a letter in the mail. However, with the invention of the internet came email.

Now, you can email someone an invitation and receive their response in less than an hour. This is great for events with a low budget or events that are short on time. Sending emails rather than physical invitations allows for a few benefits:

  • Cost: Sending an email is free, sending letters has multiple costs from letter and stamp to driving to the post office.
  • Time: Sending an email can be done in a matter of minutes. With letters, you have to address each envelope, send each letter, and receive each response.
  • Simplicity: Emails can be hooked up to software that allows for tracking of responses and other information. This has to be done manually when a letter is sent.

How to Send Emails

If you use Veebo’s event management software, then sending emails to your guests is simple. Simply create an account where you’ll be able to manage attendees, vendors, contracts, and more.

Then, send an email through the app to your guests. It can have any and all information that you want. Should your guest accept, you’ll be able to send them further updates as they wish. In addition, they’ll have the option to create an account as well.

If they choose this route, then not only can you send them email updates, but they can chat with you via an in-app chat system. Finally, they’ll be able to turn notifications on or off based on their needs and interests.

When to Send Emails & What Should be on Them?

When to send emails can get confusing fast. You need save-the-dates, invitations, reminders, last-minute updates, and even post-event emails depending on what you’re hosting. However, here’s a simple guide to event emails.

  1. Save-the-date: Send the email letting them know the date and general location as soon as possible – at least four months out.
  2. Invitation: Send this two months before the event. Follow up one month out for all of those that don’t get back to you right away. Include the final address, dress code, time, and a way to confirm.
  3. Reminder: A week before the event, give them everything they need to know in one last email: address, dress code, and all other information.
  4. Post-Event: Send surveys, photos, or whatever you need to three days to a week after the event.

Veebo for Event Management

When you need to host an event, then look no further than Veebo for your event management. Our software program enables everyone to find vendors, invite guests, send updates, and more. The easy to use software enables you to use your phone, tablet, or PC whenever you need without losing information in the process.

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