Hosting an event is no small feat. There are hundreds of things you have to do and manage for the event to be pulled off successfully. Things like food, music, and photos are harder because you can’t do all of them, or in many cases, any of them during the event yourself.

That’s where a vendor comes in. Finding an event venue, photographer, DJ, and cater are required parts of most larger events. Yet, what if your large (or small) event doesn’t have a big budget?

Vendors on a Budget

You might think it’s not possible to find vendors on a budget. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can always find a vendor, sometimes even for free! What’s important is you are realistic and know where to go when looking.

What’s Your Budget?

The most important question you’re going to have to ask yourself is what’s your budget. Be realistic and you may find you have more than you think. If you keep telling yourself you have a small budget, sit down and look at it. You might soon see that your budget is normal, that you think it’s small because of something you saw on the internet – or maybe it’s all in your head!

What is Required?

After you have a budget, you need to know what will be required. Do you have a place to use? If so, then a location won’t be needed. If not, then a major portion of your budget might go to securing a location. The more you can be sure you’ll have for free, the better for the rest of your planning.

Finding Vendors for Cheap

With budget and basics out of the way, you’ll need to get on with vendor management. Write down each vendor you would like and the budget you can afford to put to them. Now, get to looking!


At the lowest end of the totem pole, you should talk to friends to see if they know anyone – or they – that can act as the vendor. For example, maybe your grandmother can cook for the event, or maybe your best friend can be the photographer.


If you are religious and attending a church, ask your leaders or pastors if they know anyone who can help. The community that surrounds most churches should be able to come together to check off at least one item on your list.

Veebo Event Management

For those vendors you have left, use Veebo to find someone. Now that most of your items have been taken care of for a small cost, you’ll have the leftover budget to find what you need. Keep in mind; there’s a high chance you’ll be able to find a vendor in your budget here as well.

More Than Event Management & Vendor Management

However, it’s not just vendor management that Veebo offers. We believe our vendor management system is vital. Yet, we also think that our attendee management system is top-notch as well.

Join Veebo to find photographers, cake makers, location vendors, photographers, and more. Email your guests and invite them with regular updates and location information. Keep track of your documents and access everything from any device with our online app.

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