Hosting an event can get complicated fast. Especially if you try to do everything yourself. From the planning stage to sending invitations to running the actual event, there is a lot to think about in a short period of time.

However, there are ways to make your next event easier — the main way – vendors. Having the right mix of vendors can make your event a breeze, no matter what size or reason you host it, to begin with.

Here are five vendors that we think you should think about for your next event.


If you didn’t have a photographer at your last event, then this is the time to shine. Hire a professional photographer to capture each moment through photo, video, and even drone photo and video!

What’s better, many photographers also work as “assistant event planners” as their profession gives them a unique understanding of what helps an event run the smoothest. That means you can get photography and help running the event for the same price!


If you have to feed people, then choose catering. It’s so much easier than trying to cook everything yourself. In addition, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Think about your favorite fast food place or sit down restaurant.

Chances are they both offer a catering menu. Some will even deliver and set up the food. While you can choose options that cost more, you don’t have to! From Waffle House or Subway to a personal stake chef, you can get anything at any budget. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Bonus: You Could Actually Save Money

As a bonus when it comes to hiring catering, you could actually save money (that’s not including time) when you choose to hire a vendor. Think about all the items that will go into cooking your meal and serving it. From plates and bowls to flour, meat, and electricity – having a caterer help could save you money over buying it yourself.

Cake Maker

Many people think that hiring catering will get you a cake. In many cases (though not all), the answer to that will be no. Rather, you have to go to a cake maker to get your event centerpiece. Cake makers will help you design the perfect dessert for any event, whether it’s a one layer cake or a five-foot-tall masterpiece of food.

Keep in mind; if you don’t like cake, then a caterer can bring brownies, cookies, or even pies as your main desserts. In this manner, most caterers could serve as the dessert bringer, saving you more money if that’s an issue for your event!


It doesn’t matter where your event is, parking will be something that you have to deal with. In such a case, why not spend the money on a valet. It doesn’t have to be a company (though if safety or insurance is a concern, it should be.)

Think about hiring a few high-school or college kids that you know and can trust with other people’s cars. Let them park the cars and instantly give your event an air of success and luxury. If there’s no one you can trust, think about hiring an agency, you might be surprised at the cost.


At the end of the event, the last thing that you want to do is clean everything. However, that’s just what you’ll have to do if you didn’t hire a cleaning crew to come through afterward. This is another instance where you can choose the simple and cheaper route, or splurge for a real cleaning business if needed.

Do You Have an Event to Manage?

If you have an event to manage in the future, then think about Veebo for your needs. As an online event management system, we offer all you could need to plan and host your event. Find local vendors, invite, and manage guests all from one place. With more added regularly, the one vendor you won’t need is an event planner!