(Plus, Tricks & Tips to Have a Super Fun Online Game Party!)

The past few months have been provocative, interesting…challenging. Our social calendars used to be busting at the seams but suddenly became bare as a wallet after a crazy night out!

With all the social distancing and being holed up, it’s been hard and stressful to say the very least. Sure, things have eased up a bit. But if you’re one of the cautious ones and have decided to continue the semi-isolation, there’s really no reason to give up on some fun - there are alternatives to enjoying your weekends with family and friends.

And with all the video chat options available, like Veebo, your ultimate partner to virtual parties, you don’t have to cancel game night! You can still stay connected and at the same time scratch that itch to do something competitive!

Check out these virtual games to make a mad fun evening out of your game party!


Who doesn’t know how to play this iconic game? Playing Bingo! saves you the time explaining the rules. Plus, it’s kid-friendly! Spice things up by doubling the prizes or change the winning pattern!
Suggestions: Virtual Bingo, Bingo, Wink Bingo

2. Strategy Games

If you and your gang prefer gameplays that spotlights your cunning and tactical nature, then there are online strategy games as well.
Suggestions: Dominion, Codenames, Catan

3. Adult Games

It’s the weekend and you feel just like unleashing all the bad juju from the week before with your closest friends. Well, there are virtual games that you can spend with friends that will guarantee a ton of big laughs!
“Most Like To…” This is a drinking game (tequila?). Ask scenarios like – ‘most likely to forget where they parked their car…’ or ‘most likely to embarrass themselves in public…’
Vote which friend would be most likely to do that thing. Whoever it is must down that shot glass. And oh, make sure that there are no kids around when you play these games! You can find a long list of scenarios here. But feel free to make your own! The crazier the scenarios, the better!

4. Trivia

Are you guys in the mood to flex your intellectual prowess? A night of trivia games would be perfect! There’s a HUGE selection of trivia games that you can play remotely. Get creative with prizes and penalties. Play one on one or divide yourselves into groups. First to get the highest score after an hour wins!
Suggestions: Random Trivia Generator, QuizUp, Kahoot!

5. Word Games

Have an epic head to head competition on who’s the better wordsmith with these games for word lovers. Spike things up with Truth or Dare bets or forfeit a favorite item or collectible…or losers shave their heads. Get creative!
Suggestions: Rackword, Word Hub, Serpentine, Fundox

There are a host of card games, board games, puzzle games that you can choose from. And to make things more enjoyable, you need to choose a vibrant video chat platform like Veebo that allows you to bring the vibe and personality of your specific event.

Tips In Getting Things Started

So now that you’ve lined up your virtual games, liven up the online party some more! Even though you’re not meeting in person, there are things you should consider for your game night.

- Set a theme. It does not have to be super detailed. (but there’s no one to stop you if you decide to go all out!)

Examples: 80’s Vibe, Superheroes, Animal Farm, Beach theme, Fright Night

- Guestlist. Who’s coming? Is this an all-adult party or kid-friendly?

- Invitations. Are your guests allowed to bring friends of their own or is this a more intimate gathering of your closest friends?  Veebo invites have loads of templates to match your theme.

- Snacktime! What is a party (virtual or not) without food? Or booze for that matter. Whip out the cheese platter and pop the wine!

The last but not least, your streaming platform. Set up your virtual game night with Veebo! Whether it’s a one on one video chat or a party of thousand, we can handle it. Veebo makes things easier for you to organize your virtual party from caterers to photographers to decorations to planners. It’s your one-stop shop event management app!

Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor!