When you look to host a party, you might have questions about how to be the perfect host. In truth, the answer is more complicated than that. How to be the perfect host depends on what you are hosting. Different events require different attitudes, motives, and actions. To help make this complicated subject simpler, let’s break it down.

Birthday Parties

If you are hosting a birthday party for someone, then the goal is to have fun and celebrate someone’s life. If you are the subject, then do what you want! It’s your birthday. However, if you are the host for someone else’s birthday, remember to work to keep the focus on them.

Respect their wishes about surprises, gifts, and location to ensure that your honoree is as happy as can be. In addition, remember to think about what will keep guests happy. This could be food, activities, or maybe even a slide show about the person.


If you are planning to host a wedding, chances are you’re either the couple-to-be or related to them. In this case, you should work to make sure the focus is on the couple-to-be. Ensure that both the bride and groom get time in the spotlight.

What’s most important is that they have to worry about anything. No one should bother them with bills or questions on their special day. Make sure all “backend work” is taken care of, and everyone knows the new couple is only to hear happy thoughts.

Anniversary Parties

If you are hosting an anniversary party for your parents or grandparents, the rules will be much like both the rules of a birthday and a wedding – after all, it is just a birthday party for the “birth” of their wedding!

Make sure they are surrounded by people they love and get the type of attention they want and deserve. Some people may love surprise parties, and others may not. It’s your job as the host to figure out how to make the couple happiest on party day.

Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower for a family member, friend, or yourself? If it’s for you, then do what you want! However, if it’s for a friend or family member, talk to them. Gone are the day of surprise parties, games, and awkward gift unwraps.

You should work with the mother-to-be to see what would make her (and father too) most comfortable during the big day. Make sure to write down who gives what so the couple can write thank you notes when they have time.

Event (Conferences, Conventions)

As the host of a convention, conference, concert, or other “event,” it is your job to make sure things go smoothly. Make sure vendors know where to set up, have power, and have all questions answered.

On the other hand, make sure attendees are happy, know what they can do, and have access to where they need to. Think about safety, and don’t forget to personally thank your biggest sponsors and donors. Of course, event hosting is much more complicated than two simple paragraphs, but with enough organization, you’ll do just fine.

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