If you’re looking to find vendors for an event, then chances are you might be getting overwhelmed. Comparing vendors is hard work and requires knowledge, time, and patience. While you may have two, knowledge is harder to come by.

Today, Veebo is going to go over how you can make sure you get the best vendor based on the quotes they’ve given you. You’ve already found the best of the best – now, it’s time to look at the nitty-gritty details.

Read the Contract

The first step in finding the best vendor is to read the contract each vendor has provided. Take notes and make sure you know the major and minor conditions of their work with you. Think about highlighting major notes that you want to track. Look out for:

  • Scope: What are they going to do? Is it written clearly, and is it everything you need? Make sure to compare what you are getting with each. If you are getting a three-course meal from one vendor and a two-course meal from the other for the same price, you need to know.
  • Exclusions: By the same notion, what are they not covering? They should have a list of things they explicitly say they are not going to work on. Take note of these and make sure you understand how to deal with each should you need to.
  • Process: A good vendor will write the process by which everything will happen. For example, a photographer should have a list of shots they will endeavor to get and a timeline. They should state when you can expect photos and how.
  • Liability: What will they do if something goes wrong? What do they say they are responsible for?

Check Pricing

After you know what you’re getting, take a look at what you’re paying for it. Knowing what you are paying will help put each of the contracts into perspective. If one person includes a ton for a low price while the other does the opposite, your decision might be made.

How Do You Pay?

The other thing to look at is how you have to pay. Depending on the vendor, you could be required to pay 25%, 50%, or even 100% upfront. What you prefer will depend on your situation and preferences. However, knowing what’s expected is best.

Re-Read Reviews

After looking at the details of the contract and the pricing, there’s a high chance you have one or two vendors in mind for your event. Now is the time to recheck the reviews for their business. Make sure the vendor you choose will be the perfect one for your event by looking out for details about their work style, personality, dress, and professionalism.

Use Veebo for Extra Help

If you’re looking for vendors, then Veebo is here to help. We’re an event management software that offers an all-in-one experience transferable from phone to tablet and computer. In no time flat, you’ll be able to find vendors, invite guests, and track your todos!