When you’re looking to host an event, you need to be able to communicate with your attendees. While in the past, this could mean sending a physical postcard or sending an email, times have changed.

Now, social media sites exist to let you quickly and easily ask attendees if they are coming or not. However, making an event isn’t something everyone knows how to do. So, if you’re looking to create an event on Facebook or otherwise track who’s coming to your event, let’s jump in.

Options for Event Management

Before we get started with how to create an event on Facebook, let’s make sure you’ve made the right choice for your event management software. There are multiple factors that go into hosting in regards to tracking the attendees.

You have to think about how your guests like to communicate, how you will get a hold of them, and how you will track everything. While many people may have a Facebook account, not all will. On top of that, use is actually declining in first world countries!

So, if you want to invite people, there’s a chance they either won’t see it or won’t respond. That means thinking about the pros and cons of each guest tracking option that’s available to you.

Postcard or Invitation

The first option that comes to many minds is a traditional invitation. This is perfect for those looking to host an event like a wedding or other black-tie event steeped in tradition. However, the time it can take for guests to respond can make it harder for other events like a birthday, an anniversary, or even a wedding shower.


The next option is email. While faster than a mailed invitation, this option is often missed or ignored. While many Americans check their email every day, spam and other emails could crowd the inbox stopping the guest from responding or even seeing the message until it’s too late.

Facebook Events

The next option is growing in popularity still. Facebook events are a great way to track who is coming to your event and let them know when something changes. That said, there is one huge restriction to think about before getting started. Does everyone you want to invite have a Facebook and check it regularly?


The last option is our own. Veebo is an event management software that’s merged both sides of hosting, the planning with the people. From one app, you can invite people, have them let you know if they will be attending, find vendors, send everyone updates, track contracts, and more. What’s better, this can all be done from a computer, tablet, or even a mobile phone!

While we might be biased, we think our option is well worth a look before you create a Facebook event or even if you do to find vendors in your area!