Even the most organized event planners deal with event-related fiascos and snafus. No matter how much you plan, perfect, and practice, you cannot guarantee that something won’t go awry. Seasoned event planners, however, always prepare for setbacks and know how to recover when something goes wrong.

Here are a few strategies to help you prepare for, and recover from, any blunders that may arise.

Stay Calm with Event Planning Software

Professional and seasoned event planners have a little secret: they don’t do it alone. When planning for big occasions, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and download your secret weapon. Event planning software like Veebo is a game-changer and will help keep you going every step of the way.

When something runs amuck, you can turn to your event planning software for immediate help. It’s the best electronic way to keep all the essential information organized and within reach 24/7. It’s hard to lose a guest list that’s safely secured on your app. And how does it help you recover? It keeps you sane in a time of chaos.

When something goes wrong, we can quickly get panicked. Using this type of event planning software will help keep you calm, as everything you need is stored right on your phone or tablet, tucked perfectly into your palm at all times.

Keep Organized

One of the best ways to recover when something goes wrong is to have all your ducks in a row, and you can do this by keeping organized. Downloading the event planning software is just the first step. Now you need to use it.

Apps like Veebo are lifesavers and can keep you organized with guest lists, vendor information, schedules, and more. If something does go wrong, you have everything you need, down to the minute. If a caterer doesn’t show or serves the incorrect menu, you can easily find records of orders and contact information, should you need it in a pinch.

Communication & Record-Keeping

All too often, our thoughts stay in our heads. Remember that no one, not even the fanciest venue in town, can read your mind. Be sure you are communicating regularly with all your vendors and keeping tight records of everything you plan. When there’s confusion, you have proof of all communication and a record trail to help solve any problems.

Communication and records also work as preventative measures. When communicating every detail thoroughly, you reduce the chance of mistakes happening. But if something does go wrong, you know it will be easier to solve thanks to all your effective communication and record-keeping.

Enlist Help

Aside from your trusty event planning software, don’t forget to enlist the help of others. All hands on deck worked for sailors, and it can work for you, too. And because you have kept so organized with all your plans adequately recorded, you can send a friend or staff member to check on details and help you solve problems.

Working as a team is also crucial when event planning. Even if you’re planning your daughter’s simple birthday party, delegate some of the tasks to your family members, so you’re not overwhelmed or burn yourself out. This way, if any obstacles do come up, you can surely recover with the help of your team.

Have a Backup Plan

Event planning can be a lot of work, so even the thought of planning a backup for your event can break a sweat. But with the help of event planning software, you can easily make a note of alternative plans, vendors, ideas, and more.

Is the best bakery in town unavailable for that cake you ordered two days ago? Don’t fret when you have a list of three other excellent bakeries in the area with contact information and hours easily accessible. Did the band back out with only a few days’ notice? Good thing you asked your friends to prepare party playlists. Use backup plans to help you recover when something goes wrong, so use them as an alternative.

Remember, even the pros deal with problems, so don’t worry if something goes wrong. Instead, prepare beforehand for any hiccups by keeping organized, staying calm, enlisting help, and using event planning software to your advantage. If you employ all these strategies, any issues can morph into something just as enjoyable as the original plan.