With the holiday season coming around, many families will have get-togethers to celebrate Christmas, Haunika, New Years, and more. However, some families are bigger than others leading to what is more of an event than a get-together.

As such, some hosts end up wondering if they should hire an event manager or is they are able to pull something like this off. After all, is a degree or certification required to manage an event in the first place? Let’s take a look at the matter today.

What is Required to be an Event Manager?

First, let’s take a look at what it will take to be a “real” event manager. The type of event manager that hosts other people’s get-togethers. In this case, work experience in event management will be the most important factor for smaller businesses hosting small events like parties and reunions.

As you host bigger caterings and events, you will need more than just experience. Training programs, continuing education, and even professional certificates will ensure that you can work with any sized client from a small wedding to an international live event for a corporation.

Event Professional means Certification Program

The dirty truth is that a “real” event manager will have an event planning certification or even a degree in marketing or event management. In most of these cases, they are looking to host corporate events, weddings, or niche events in their industry. However, smaller event managers and even designers working with families to plan parties might also have this education, especially when they are working full-time.

Do You Need a Certification?

Chances are, the answer is no. While obtaining a certification can help you get into entry-level jobs or work your way into larger event management, so long as you are planning an event for your friends and family, you can do everything yourself without any extra learning or education.

In fact, new technology like Veebo is making lives simpler for people like yourself. Rather than carrying a binder with all of the details, all that’s needed now is a phone or computer. One app can track the vendors, invitations, guests, and timeline without worry or confusion.

What is Needed to Manage an Event?

The main factor of event management is making sure that you don’t forget a detail when planning. So long as all the pieces are there, everything generally works out. Especially when planning a simple get-together for friends and family.

To start, make sure that you have food, drinks, and space for the event to take place. Even if this is all you have, success will be much more likely. Next, look into decorations, photography, and party games.

Children would love a bouncy house, and adults love photo booths. However, things like this are extra that may or may not be within your budget. Finally, think about anything extra that your family will need specifically as well as goodie bags, music, and places for people to stay if they are traveling a good distance.

Event Management Made Simple

While some events will require advanced knowledge to pull-off, a get-together with family and friends shouldn’t. That’s why Veebo was created. We want to help regular people plan and organize events without the cost of an expensive event planner.

All you need is out online app and a phone or computer. From there, you can manage and plan a whole event, from invitations to vendors and payment. With more coming out with each update, get started now to be the best host in the whole family.