If there are two important lessons that the current pandemic has taught us is:

One, to not take things for granted.

Two, we will prevail.

Oh, there’s lesson three as well – just because the pandemic has limited our ability to get together, it doesn’t mean we should completely abandon celebrating life’s milestones. And going back to lesson one, why wait for birthdays and anniversaries to party? You can always host a surprise virtual party and make those moments pop out from the ordinary.

Some of the not so usual excuses to throw a party:

-         A friend ran their first virtual marathon.

-         Your favorite show on Netflix has been renewed for another season.

-         Demonstrate your cooking skills.

-         You fixed your apartment sparkling clean!

-         It’s been X-years since you or a friend has gotten out of a bad relationship.

-         You hit your monthly goal for exercising consistently.

-         You nailed your presentation at work.

-         There is going to be a full moon.

A party is good for your mental health. You are in the company of people you care about (and since it’s a virtual party, you don’t have to clean up afterward. Yay!)

These, and hundreds more are pretty legit reasons to pop the champagne and plate the cheese!

Hosting Your Surprise Virtual Party

We may not exactly get our dream party but with a little creativity and careful planning, plus, Veebo’s help, we can still make them super memorable and special!

But make no mistake, a virtual party, like any social gathering, relies on good etiquette to make sure that the experience is delightful for everyone. Just like in a physical party, some guests would hog the limelight, who wouldn’t stop babbling, or would show with people who are not invited.

So yes, there are a few things we need to observe during virtual happy hours.

The Do’s

1. Create a guest list.

Even if it’s an intimate event or a small family party, be realistic about the number of guests. You don’t want anyone to feel out of place or left out. And for the surprise virtual party be really a “surprise” you’re going to need partners in crime to make it happen. Let your accomplices know what you plan on doing.

2. Think of a theme.

Not having a theme isn’t a deal-breaker but choosing one can tie the event together. You don’t have to go all overboard with live animals and swinging monkeys in the background. It can be as simple as a color scheme or everyone wearing their favorite sports jersey.

3. Create invites and send them out.

Veebo makes it easy for you to create digital invites – there are numerous themes to choose from. Just tap the kind of event, select the design, type in the text, and hit send. You include a short instruction on the e-invite to really help everyone on board with the party you are going for.

4. Make it festive.

Line up some virtual entertainment. Think about custom signs, celebrity impersonators, tarot card reading, Tom Jones impersonator – the choices are limitless. Veebo’s directory includes virtual services, you just need to be creative.

5. Keep the conversation up and light.

Be prepared to get the conversation started…and keep it going if it drags. It helps to have an icebreaker ready. Consider that virtual parties are a new thing and people aren’t used to it just yet. It’s doubly important that you draw everyone in the party. Keep the party moving.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t be late.

You should be right on time especially if you’re the host. There’s no “fashionably late” in the world of virtual parties. When you’re not there on time, your guests would be staring at a blank screen and that’s a bit dejecting.

2. Avoid multitasking.

Put the phone away while the virtual party is ongoing. The same thing with typing on your computer, that’s a no-no. Especially if the group is in a deep conversation. It’s distracting and not cool.

3. Don’t come and go as you please.

Slipping away from the screen to prepare a meal or cocktail because you haven't bothered beforehand won't make a nice table conversation. Planning and organizing are keys to a smooth sailing virtual party.

4. Avoid monologue.

Keep turns in the conversations brief so that others can jump in without talking over each other. This also means don’t hog the spotlight. Give others the chance to shine.

5. Don’t forget to prep the scene.

Pick a nice spot and pay attention to your background. And as you are choosing your backdrop, set your lighting so you won’t look dark and gloomy. This means that your light shouldn’t be behind you.

Tip: Sitting in front of the screen for a video chat can challenge both your patience and energy. Try to keep the virtual party relatively short. A one-hour time slot would be ideal.

Veebo - The Platform That Will Bring Everyone Together

Now that you have the makings of a super exciting surprise virtual event, you will need a super-smart digital software that will make your party very special.

Veebo is your all-in-one digital party event management software. Its key feature of putting together key players like the event organizers for seamless planning and management is just amazing!

Embrace life’s special moments and celebrate!