If you’re looking to have the perfect reunion, then you need a great list to start the planning process. The bigger the event, the more you’ll have to worry about and look out for. In addition, the diverse age groups that are usually represented at a Reunion can make planning, invitations, and organization all the harder.

However, now you need to look no further than Veebo, premier event management software for your needs. Today, we’ve come up with a list of tasks and progress points for your reunion planning. IN conjunction with our software, you’ll be off to the races in no time flat.

The Perfect Family Reunion Planning Checklist

18 Months Before the Family Reunion

• Decide which family members will be leading the planning

• Schedule regular meetings for the family members in charge via phone or in-person

• Assign responsibilities to each member of the family who will be helping

• Attendance

• Finance

• Communication

• Venue

• Food

• Photography

• Activities

• Finalize a date and time for the event

• Finalize the budget and how the event will be paid for

• Ensure that the contact information and preferences have been updated for each member of the family:

• Name

• Other Members of the Family

• Address

• Phone Number

• Email

• Facebook

• Contact Preference

14 Months Before

• Open a bank account specifically for this event

• Send “save the date” announcement and ask family members that want to attend if they can donate money in advance to start the planning.

• Set up a reunion website and/or Facebook page

• Think about a theme that all family members would enjoy, run a poll?

• See if you’re event will require permits based on size or location ideas.

12 Months Before

• Book the basics: (use Veebo for the best results and vendor management processes!)

• Venue

• Caterer (or make a solid plan)

• Photographer

• Entertainment

• Tables/Chairs

• Apply for any permits you found you might need

9 Months Before

• Order printed invitations or design email invitation

• Order mementos and souvenirs

• Start gathering notes, photos, and videos of each family member

• Find official hotel recommendations for guests

• Start gathering non-perishable supplies:

• Decorations

• Plates

• Cups

• Napkins

6 Months Before

• Plan decorations and layout based on venue

• Send official invitations

• Plan and gather resources for games

• Plan and gather resources for door prizes

3 Months Before

• Send digital reminders (through Veebo!)

• Find any insurance needed

• Prepare decorations

• Signs

• Table-toppers

• Posters

• Slide shows

• Finalize schedule

1 Month Before

• Finalize attendees list

• Send reminder announcement

• Recruit helpers for set-up and clean-up

2 Weeks Before

• Re-finalize attendance list

• Create name tags

• Finalize plans with vendors

1 Week Before

• Create contingency plans

• Weather

• Emergency

• Other

• Give headcount to vendors

• Prepare a checklist for the day of the reunion

1 Day before

• Pick up snacks and drinks (if not provided by the vendor)

• Set up the venue if possible

Day of reunion

• Set up remainder of the venue

• Deal with last-minute emergencies

After the Reunion

• Send survey (if wanted)

• Obtain final copies from photographer/videographer

• Send thank-you letters with photos and videos

• Close bank account

• Store reunion supplies

Let us know if there’s anything we forgot and get started with Veebo for your next family reunion today!