Event management can get annoying to read about all the time. It can get boring to write about too (we would know!) However, it’s a topic we firmly believe is not talked about enough. Too many moms and dads try to muddle their way through planning an event when a simple free software could come to the rescue.

That’s why today, we’re going to switch things up with a few fun and quick facts about event management and event management software. Learn how Veebo can help while having some trivia for next week’s trivia night.

Air Travel Has Never Been Cheaper!

You might worry about whether or not your family can make it to the event. While budgets are still tight for many people, you can worry a little less. Airplane tickets have decreased by 89% since 1974 and continue to do so every year!

Hiring an Event Planner Could Cost 20% of the Total Budget.

Imagine having a budget of $10,000 to host an event. You might think that this is all the money you can spend on invitations, food, music, photography, and the location. However, if you hire an event planner, you could be looking at losing 20% of that cost, or $2,000, to paying for their services. That’s $8,000 left for everything else – and the event planner doesn’t give anything but peace of mind.

Social Media Reigns Supreme for Public Events

If you are hosting an event with family and friends, then sending email or mail invitations could be the best way. However, if you are hosting a public event and want more people to find out, the best way to do that is social media. You can still funnel them to a program like Veebo, but they have to find you first!

Live Video Inspires Event Attendance

Thinking about planning a series of events? Then it’s essential to know that Livestream did an important study. According to them, 67% of those that watched a live stream of an event would go on to attend a similar event. Don’t forget to turn on that live stream.

Event Ticket Sales are on the Rise

From 2011 to 2016, event ticket sales across the internet rose by 4.8%. With that trend continuing, now’s the best time to get into event management or event hosting. Better yet – you don’t have to have a degree in event management with programs live Veebo on the market.

On Average 46% of Event Revenue Comes From Ticket Sales

While event merch, donations, and purchases do help to boost the income that an event can bring in, the ticket to get in the door is often the biggest moneymaker for hosted events. If you were thinking about hosting a free event, then you must find many other ways to gain revenue to keep from having issues down the line.

Death of the Box Office

It’s not a new band name; it’s an event that’s taking place right now. This year, 71% of all tickets purchased are expected to be online – with that number rising each year. No longer do you have to go to the box office to get the ticket for your favorite concert or movie.

Trade Shows Are the Winners

While there are many times of events worldwide, trade shows are the overall most common event type. In 2018, they held 23% of the North American market share, 20% in Europe, 17% in Asia, and 10% in Central and South America.

It Takes One Person

While an event might seem like a large and crazy endeavor – one person can make the whole event. Finding a good organizer – whether professional or not – will be key in a successful event. They will enlist help, but they are the ones that find the venue, organize the vendors, plan the program, and so much more.

No Need to Overplan

While it might seem like a good idea to have everything planned to the minute – that’s not the case. Keep a list of things that should happen in a basic order and time. If you need to more things around, up, or back then it will be much easier than if you have a minute by minute time plan.

In fact, you can use Veebo for that every event planner today!