Unless you’ve hired a wedding planner, you’ll be handling all the details of the wedding either by yourself or with a select group of friends and family. One of those details? Tipping. It’s a complicated cultural expectation across America that can leave many people confused.

What do you tip, who do you tip, when do you tip, and more? While we can’t give all the answers, we can make things simpler by giving you basic guidelines based on the vendor and your situation.

When Do You Tip?

If you are hosting a wedding with a resort of other “tips included” located, then no one at the wedding will be expecting a tip. In this case, you will be fine to forgo the whole process. While one positive of a resort wedding, keep in mind those a much more costly.

In any other case, at the end of the event or their service, in most cases. So, when you get your hair done for the wedding, on top of the service charge, you should give them a tip. Similarly, when you have a DJ, he should be tipped as he’s packing for the night.

Who Do You Tip?

Though it may sound costly, most people that take part in the wedding through the offering of services. Makeup artists, event planners, even the house of worship or venue you choose for the event.

In many ways, this can be considered a bonus service fee that’s expected should the provider of the service do a good job. Remember, these people are business owners who have taken the whole day, if not the entire weekend to prepare and host your event!

Keep in mind that wedding planners don’t usually take a tip; however, if they’ve gone above a tip is expected. In addition, caterers often include the tip; however, check to make sure. Finally, florists and cake bakers don’t expect tips; however, those that bring the items to you might.

How Much Do You Tip?

In general, 15 to 20 percent will be perfect for tipping for all services directly related to the wedding. This includes things like photography, officiating, DJs, bartenders, wedding planners, caterers, and hair and makeup pros. Servers, attendants, seamstresses, delivery staff, and parking attendants all expect from $1 per person to a small percent of their service charges.

How to Simplify Tipping?

The best way to simplify the tipping process is to have pre-marked envelopes with tips in each. However, you shouldn’t seal them in-case you want to add to or take away from them based on the actual wedding day.

Once you get ready to give them a tip, simply take the right envelope and hand it over. Better yet, have a bridesmaid or family member handle this part of the wedding. This is the time when you might also have to settle any remaining bill so make sure the chosen person knows what they need to do.

How to Simplify Your Wedding Planning?

If this is starting to sound complicated, you’re not alone. Wedding planning is hard, especially when you don’t hire someone to handle most of the complicated stuff for you. However, there are management tools that are here to help you.

Veebo is an event management software that can be used not just for weddings but for anniversary parties, birthday parties, and larger events as well. Within this event app, you can manage events via guest lists, real-time, event registration or confirmation, email communications, and vendor management.

Worry about less as the event planning software tracks your needs. You’ll be able to look for vendors, message them, see quotes, and keep notes all from one space on your phone, tablet, and computer. With more updated planned to expand the features of Veebo, this is the only event management ap you’ll ever need.