Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate another year around the sun, providing you with an excellent excuse to bring your friends, family, and colleagues together. Using event management software like Veebo is a great way to stay organized and simplify the process. But as you begin to plan your festivities, you may wonder how to make your party pop without breaking the bank.

If you’re hoping to dazzle your guests while sticking to a budget, you’re in luck. There are many ways to cut down expenses when party planning. Here are ten budget ways to make your birthday party better.

1. DIY

“Do It Yourself” (DIY) is one of the biggest trends in event management and planning. Not only is this strategy budget-friendly, but it’s also quite contemporary. You’ve probably seen photos of rustic-themed events with homemade decor. Well, you can do this for your birthday party, too! Do you know someone who loves to bake? Put them on cake duty. Can your favorite co-worker wrangle a calligraphy pen like an 18th-century philosopher? Hand over that stack of invitations.

2. Consider a Potluck

A potluck-style party is a win-win budget technique. Not only does it save you money on food, but it also allows your guests to share their favorite dishes and treats. Many opt to throw a potluck in place of gifts, which means even more delicious food. And for the guest who hates to cook, ask them to bring supplies or help with decor.

3. Ditch the DJ

In today’s world, you have nearly every song ever recorded at your fingertips. One of the best budget ways to make your birthday party a hit is to keep the tunes flowing using a music-streaming app. Create a playlist and connect your speakers, and your guests will be tapping their toes in no time.

4. Serve a Signature Drink

Alcohol is one of the most expensive ingredients in planning an event. The trick is to reduce the options and serve one or two fun, signature cocktails. This is a growing trend at weddings and in event management, and it keeps your budget low.

5. Go Digital

One of the easiest ways to save money on your birthday party is to go digital with your invitations. There are a few different services that allow you to send invites through email or on an app. Veebo offers this service and stores all your invites and RSVPs in one area, making it super easy to track your guests. Plus, it’s easier for your attendees, too. They can respond with the touch of a button and easily communicate with you.

6. # Use a Hashtag

If you want to capture all the beautiful moments you’ll share with your guests, allocate a specific hashtag for your party and ask your guests to share their snaps on social media or photo-sharing apps. The hashtag allows you to see all the photos in one place, where you can download and print them for your memories.

7. Go Local

If you must use a vendor for your party, stick to local businesses. These will give you the best deals as they are more willing to negotiate with a neighbor. And don’t be shy about asking for a better price. A lot of vendors are willing to bargain, cut deals, or combine services for a discounted rate.

8. Get Cozy at Home

You don’t necessarily need a huge venue to host your party. In fact, a big trend in event management is to make your parties cozy and homey. So host your party at your house or in your backyard. If your home isn’t big enough, ask to use a friend’s or look around your neighborhood for community centers, parks, or local restaurant with large rooms.

9. Make Your Own Games

Entertainment is an essential component of events and birthday parties. But don’t think you have to buy a karaoke machine when there are plenty of fun games that you can easily make at home. For example, a popular party game involves your guests bringing a baby photo of themselves and asking others to match them to their adult faces.

10. Stop Worrying

Your guests are at your party to celebrate YOU, and that’s what’s most important. Use event management software like Veebo to help reduce the stress of party planning and don’t compare your party to others. Remember that your guests are going to have fun regardless of the details, so don’t think you need to be extravagant to have a great time.