When it comes to running an event, there’s a lot to think about. That’s why most parties and gatherings will have at least one event organizer, if not a whole committee. That’s where event management software comes in.
While there are good reasons to use event software before and during the event, there’s not a lot of talk about how this planning software can be used after the fact. However, this is the important part as you can usually do more after than before!

Email Marketing

If you host an event, there’s a high chance you’ve gathered emails. This is especially true for events where you’ve had to email details or tickets to the interested party. If you are having a business-related event, then these emails are your next marketing effort. After thanking them for attending, keep them up to date with newsletters and information!

Lead Retrieval

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, your event attendance list could be a lead list. For example, if you’re hosting a home and garden show, then those that signed up for the event could serve as a great starting point for warm leads. However, make sure that part of your event sign-up process, let’s guests know their email might be used in the future.

Event Reports

If your event is part of a series, or even if it’s just a yearly thing, then event reports are vital to doing better at each event. As your attendees to fill out a quick online survey. After they’ve filled it out, learn what you could have done better and what your guests are looking for in the next event.

Planning the Next Event

Related to the last note, if you have multiple events, then event planning software can help you manage event registration and track vendors over time. Having a portal can let returning guests sign up easier, perhaps with their own returning discount!

Send Images

If your event included photography, then you’re going to need a way to get your attendees their photographs. Use the event management software that you used during the event to send files to the guests.

Let Them Connect With Social Media

On the other hand, maybe your photography will be added to social media rather than emailed to each person. If this is the case, send them an email letting them know to follow your social media to see all the images that were caught at the event.

Use Veebo Event Planning Software

If you’re looking for software that could help you plan an event, Veebo is the software for you. Connect with guests, find vendors, and track everything from start to post-finish all on one app.